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VonStaff transforms the way businesses manage human resources, offering a suite of intuitive tools designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and foster a positive work environment.
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    Effortless Scheduling & Time Management
  • Leave Management
    Transparent Tracking & Reporting
  • Teams & Employees Management
    Workforce & Organisational Structures
  • HR Management
    Centralised and Streamlined
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VonStaff empowers employees. With intuitive self-service features, employees can easily manage their work hours, leave requests, and access essential documents. It`s not just about making HR tasks easier - it`s about empowering employees to manage their professional lives with autonomy and precision.

VonStaff positions itself as an indispensable ally for team managers, providing intuitive and dynamic tools tailored for efficiency. Managers can seamlessly oversee team time tracking, analyse timesheets with precision, derive insights from an comprehensive leave overview, and enhance communication via streamlined announcements.

With VonStaff, administrative tasks are elevated from routine procedures to strategic operations. The integration of offices and cost centre management is seamless, and company compliance and document handling are as intuitive as they are secure. VonStaff stands for optimised, impactful, and effortlessly manageable HR operations.

Seamless Scheduling
For All Your Employees
VonStaff`s scheduling feature ensures that creating and managing employee schedules is a breeze. Employees enjoy the clarity of well-organised schedules, while managers appreciate the ease of adjustments and real-time updates. It`s about ensuring that every team member is in the right place at the right time, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.
Accurate Timekeeping,
All The Times
Accuracy and transparency define VonStaff`s timekeeping feature. Employees can easily clock in and out, while managers get real-time insights into attendance trends. Automated alerts, detailed reports, and customisable settings make timekeeping not just a task but a strategic asset for informed decision-making and enhanced productivity.
Simplified Timesheets
For Informed Decisions
With VonStaff, timesheets are no longer a tedious task but a source of insightful data. Employees find ease in logging hours, and managers gain a comprehensive view of work patterns. Automated, accurate, and easily accessible, our timesheets are designed to foster a culture of accountability and insight, driving informed decisions for both managers and team members.
Team Availability at a Glance

The Leave Calendar in VonStaff is designed for clarity and convenience. Employees can view their team`s availability, plan their leaves accordingly, and avoid scheduling conflicts. Managers, on the other hand, gain a visual tool to oversee team availability, ensuring that staffing levels are always optimised for operational needs. It`s a win-win, fostering a culture of planning and collaboration.

Detailed Leave Overview & Stats

VonStaff`s Leave Overview & Stats offer a panoramic view of leave trends, ensuring both employees and managers are always informed. Employees can track their leave balances with ease, while managers gain insights into team availability and leave patterns. It`s about making leave management transparent, informed, and efficient, ensuring operational continuity and employee well-being.

Streamlined Leave Requests

Initiating and approving leave is made effortless with VonStaff. Employees can submit leave requests with just a few clicks, and managers receive instant notifications for timely approvals. The process is streamlined, the interface is intuitive, and the result is a quick, transparent, and efficient leave management system that caters to the dynamic needs of modern workforces.

Teams Management
Centralised Employee Management
VonStaff makes employee management a breeze. Centralize all employee data, streamline onboarding processes, and ensure every team member has the tools and information they need. Empower employees with self-service options and foster a culture of transparency and engagement.
Flexible Management For A
Dynamic Workforce
Manage contractors and freelancers with the same ease as full-time staff. VonStaff`s flexible tools adapt to diverse work arrangements, ensuring accurate time tracking and efficient management, tailored to the unique needs of every professional.
Seamless Integration Of
Outsourced Workforce
Integrate and manage your outsourced workforce effortlessly. VonStaff ensures efficient management, and real-time data access, bridging gaps and making geographical distances inconsequential. Every team, near or far, feels connected and engaged.
Engineering Synergy Through
Teams Management
Build, manage, and optimise teams with intuitive tools. VonStaff enhances team collaboration and provides insights for informed decision-making. Every team member is empowered, and every leader is equipped to drive peak performance.
Efficient Office Management

VonStaff optimises the administration of multiple office locations. Manage, organise, and streamline office operations from a centralised platform. Ensure consistency, enhance communication, and foster a unified organisational culture, irrespective of geographical locations.

Precision in Every Financial Aspect

VonStaff brings financial clarity and efficiency to your fingertips. Manage cost centres with precision, ensuring budget adherence, financial accountability, and optimal resource allocation. Turn financial data into actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

Seamless Document Handling

OnStaff simplifies document management. Securely store, organise, and access essential HR documents with ease. Enhanced search features ensure that every file is just a click away, ensuring efficiency and security in handling sensitive information.

Navigating Compliance with Confidence

Navigate the complexities of compliance effortlessly with VonStaff. Our platform is engineered to streamline both legal compliance and adherence to internal policies and procedures. VonStaff demystifies legal and regulatory adherence, offering automated solutions that ensure your organisation consistently meets industry standards and legal mandates. In addition, it enhances internal governance, making adherence to company-specific protocols straightforward and intuitive.

Freedom & Flexibility With
Remote Work
VonStaff makes remote work a breeze, offering tools that bridge the gap between distance and collaboration. Employees enjoy simplified self-service access to HR resources, while managers gain real-time insights into team productivity and engagement. With VonStaff, experience the freedom and flexibility of efficient remote work without compromising on connectivity or productivity.
Balancing Office & Remote Work
Transition effortlessly between office and remote work with VonStaff`s adaptive solutions. Our platform ensures consistent HR management, whether your employees are in the office or working remotely. They can access schedules, leave requests, and essential documents from anywhere, while managers maintain oversight and adaptability to meet the dynamic needs of a hybrid workforce.
Unifying Distributed Teams
For organisations with teams spread across locations, VonStaff is the unifying thread that ensures cohesive and efficient operations. Our platform offers tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of distributed teams, ensuring seamless communication, efficient HR management, and real-time insights into workforce productivity, irrespective of geographical boundaries.
Unyielding Data Protection
Our data`s sanctity is our priority. At VonStaff, we`ve engineered a security architecture that is not only robust but also compliant with global standards, including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. Every piece of information is guarded with stringent security protocols, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, and availability at all times. We continuously evolve our security measures to counter emerging threats, ensuring that your data is shielded with the most advanced security technologies available.
Enjoy 3 Months Free, Then Select the Plan Tailored to Your Business Needs
We believe in the power of our platform to transform your HR management, and we want you to experience its full capabilities without any reservations. That`s why we offer a 3-month free access to all the features of our platform. Organisations with up to 5 employees, can enjoy continued free access, ensuring streamlined HR operations without the financial commitment. We`re here to support your growth, efficiently and affordably.
First 3 Months Free and after that
Free Forever
  • Up to 5 Employees
  • Access to all features
  • 1 GB Storage for Documents
  • Support Portal & Email
First 3 Months Free and after that
10€/month +
  • Up to 100 Employees
  • Access to all features
  • 10 GB Storage for Documents
  • Support Portal & Email
First 3 Months Free and after that
100€/month +
  • Unlimited Employees
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  • Unlimited Storage for
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Quick Answers to Common Questions
Below, find answers to some of the most common questions about our platform. If you don`t see what you`re looking for, feel free to reach out to our support team for personalised assistance.
  • What makes VonStaff different from other HR management platforms?
  • VonStaff stands out from other HR management platforms because of: Centralization and Flexibility, Accessibility and Autonomy, Transparency and Collaboration, Automation and Efficiency, Support for Remote and Hybrid Work, Monitoring and Analysis, Streamlining HR Processes, Support for External Workforce, Team Flexibility. VonStaff redefines HR management to be more flexible, efficient, and adaptable, providing a significant competitive advantage over other HR platforms.
  • Is VonStaff suitable for small businesses?
  • Absolutely! VonStaff is scalable and adaptable, making it a perfect choice for businesses of all sizes, including startups and small enterprises. Its user-friendly interface and essential HR management tools make it easy to manage HR tasks efficiently.
  • How does VonStaff ensure the security and privacy of our data?
  • Pending answer...
  • How does VonStaff support remote and hybrid work environments?
  • VonStaff`s comprehensive features, self-service options, and centralized access make it well-suited to support remote and hybrid work environments, providing the tools and resources necessary for efficient and effective workforce management, regardless of physical location.
  • Is there a mobile app available for VonStaff?
  • Yes, VonStaff offers a mobile app that provides convenient access to HR management tools and features, allowing users to manage various aspects of their workforce and HR processes while on the go. This mobile app enhances accessibility and flexibility, making it easier for users to interact with the platform from their mobile devices.
  • What kind of support and training does VonStaff offer to its users?
  • VonStaff is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and training to our users. We offer various means of assistance to ensure a positive user experience. For any inquiries or support requirements, please don`t hesitate to contact us at
  • Can we customise VonStaff according to our organisational needs?
  • Certainly, VonStaff offers customization options to tailor the platform to your specific organizational needs. Our team is ready to work closely with you to understand your requirements and develop the necessary customizations. Please provide us with the details of what you`d like to customize, and we will collaborate with you to create a solution that aligns perfectly with your organization`s needs.
  • How easy is it to migrate to VonStaff from another HR management system?
  • Migrating to VonStaff from another HR management system is a seamless process. Our team is equipped to assist you in importing your existing data, ensuring a smooth transition. All you need is to provide us with an Excel file containing your previous data, and we will take care of the rest. Our goal is to make the migration process as easy and efficient as possible, so you can quickly leverage the benefits of VonStaff`s HR management system without any hassle.